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We know you've got a busy schedule so we've made it ultra easy to watch or reach your representatives, just press play here! Use one of our letter templates or, of course, write your own and send it via the AZ legislature's contact list. Take advantage of the AZ legislature's Request to Speak system by signing up through Civic Engagement Beyond Voting (CEBV). Most importantly, get to know your legislators by using the Find My Legislators tool available here and through Common Cause.


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Your time and support are invaluable to all candidates we've endorsed (key races are starred). As a supporter of AZNOW PAC, your efforts help us elect legislators that support women. To make a general contribution, please use the donate button below. We will split donated funds evenly among select candidates in key races. If you'd like to host a house party, volunteer to canvass, or request campaign materials for display, please contact us!

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Mark Kelly
U.S. Senate

Raúl Grijalva
U.S. House - CD3

Ann Kirkpatrick
U.S. House - CD2

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Arizona National Organization for Women
Political Action Committee

About the

We are comprised of a handful of members from NOW chapters throughout the State. The committee meets regularly in person and electronically to review endorsement requests and address other topics.

You will find information here on endorsed candidates that are doing great work and are strongly committed to moving the State forward!

– Committee Chair

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Candidates and Websites

Download our complete list of candidates along with all of their websites so you can see what they are all about, help them with their campaigns or send support.

AZ NOW PAC 2022 endorsed candidates, post primaries


Katie Hobbs

Arizona Secretary of State

Adrian Fontes

Attorney General

Kris Mayes

State Treasurer

Martin Quezada

State Legislature

Cathy Ransom – LD 1  House                                     

Mike Fogel – LD 1 Senate                                          

Neil Sinclair – LD 1 House

Jeanne Casteen – LD 2 Senate                                               

Judy Schwiebert – LD 2 House                                               

Thomas Dugger – LD 3 Senate                       

Laura Terech – LD 4 House                            

Jennifer Longdon – LD 5 House                     

Lela Alston – LD 5 Senate                                          

Kyle Nitschke – LD 7 Senate                          

Melody Hernandez – LD 8 House                  

Athena Salman – LD 8 House                                    

Seth Blattman – LD 9 House                          

Lorena Austin – LD 9  House                          

Eva Burch – LD 9 Senate                                            

Oscar De Los Santos – LD 11 House                          

Stacey Travers – LD 12  House                       

Patty Contreras – LD 12 House                      

Mitzi Epstein – LD 12 Senate                         

Cynthia Hans – LD 13 Senate 

Brandy Reese – LD 14 House             

Keith Seaman – LD 16 House             

Tayler Kerby – LD 16 Senate                          

B. Radford – LD 17 House                              

Mike Nickerson – LD 17 Senate                     

Nancy Guttierez – LD 18 House

Priya Sundareshan – LD 18 Senate                

S. Clark – LD 19  House                                  

Andres Cano – LD 20 House (unopposed)

Stephanie Stahl Hamilton – LD 21 House      

Leezah Sun – LD 22 House

Dr. Evangeline Diaz – LD 22 Senate                

Jesus Lugo Jr. – LD 23 House

Brian Fernandez – LD 23 Senate                    

Analise Ortiz – LD 24 House                          

Anna Hernandez – LD 24 Senate                   

Cesar Aguilar – LD 26 House              

Flavio Bravo – LD 26 House               

Raquel Teran – LD 26 Senate                         

Corporation Commission

Sandra Kennedy

Lauren Kuby

Maricopa County Attorney

Julie Gunnigle


Mahogany Kennedy (Cherry) (South Phoenix)

Darlene Martinez (Downtown Phoenix)

Karyn Lathan (University Lakes, Tempe)

City Council

Mark Moeremans – Phoenix #6

Kellen Wilson – Phoenix #6

Heli Nielson – Phoenix #2

School Board

Katie McClean – Creighten Elementary School Board

Leanne Greenberg – Osborn Elementary School Board

Violeta Ramos – Governing Board of Osborn School District

Kathryn Mikronis – Marana School Board

Abbie Hlavacek – Marana School Board

Charles Lucking – Phoenix Union HSD 3

National NOW Endorsements

Mark Kelly – Senator

Jevin Hodge – AZ CD 01

Ruben Gallego – AZ CD 03

Greg Stanton – AZ CD 04

Kristen Engel – AZ CD 06

Raul  Grijalva – AZ CD 07

Tom O’Halleron – AZ CD 02

Click here to add your own text

Click here to add your own text

Endorsement on rigorous criteria

All endorsed candidates have demonstrated leadership on a broad range of feminist policies. The NOW PACs have historically held candidates to a stronger standard, on a more diverse range of topics, than most PACs or similar organizations. Our core issues can be found below, in no particular order.

Constitutional Equality

We are steadfast and unwavering in our pursuit of a promise of equal rights in the U.S. Constitution. The progress we have made must continue and not depend on legislation that can be (and has been) weakened or repealed by local or federal legislators.

LGBT+ Rights

We are committed to fighting discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in all areas of life, including employment, housing, public accommodations, health services, child custody, and military service.

Racial Justice

We condemn racism and the double burden of race and sex discrimination inflicted on women of color. Seeing human rights as indivisible, we are committed to identifying and fighting against those barriers to equality and justice that are imposed by racism.

Economic Justice

We advocate for a wide range of economic justice issues affecting women, from the glass ceiling to the sticky floor of poverty. These include welfare reform, livable wages, employment anti-discrimination, pay inequity, social security reform, and pension reform to name a few.

Reproductive Justice

We believe reproductive rights are issues of life and death for women, not mere matters of choice. We fully support access to safe abortion, to effective birth control, to emergency contraception, to reproductive health services, and to comprehensive sex education for men and women.

Ending Violence Against Women

NOW is unique in its approach to the issue of violence against women, emphasizing that there are many interrelated aspects to the issues of domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, violence at abortion clinics, hate crimes, bias against survivors of violence, and the violence often intertwined with poverty.

Endorsement Process

Requests for endorsement can be submitted in one of three ways as shown below.

Submit a request online

You can request endorsement by submitting an online form available here if you are a State/local candidate or here if you are a federal candidate.

This form is also available via the candidates link in the line menu.

Request a PDF form to print and scan.

You may request a PDF form and email it once completed to the following email address: (replace ” at ” with “@”): pac at

Request a paper form and mail it back

You may request a paper form and return it completed to the following address: 2341 N. Pyrite, Mesa, AZ 85207

Clean Elections

Information on Clean Elections candidates.

What is Clean Elections?

Clean Elections was founded in 1998 after Arizona voters passed the Citizens Clean Citizen Elections Act to help root out corruption and promote confidence in our political process1. Candidates participating in clean elections (“running clean”) will receive little to no financial contributions from AZNOW PAC per A.R.S. Title 16, Chapter 6, Article 2.


How do I help Clean Elections Candidates?

We ask that you please support these candidates by making a $5 qualifying contribution or by signing a petition form here. A list showing candidates running clean is available here.

These forms are also available via the Clean Elections Commission site at

You can view all 2020 candidates and their clean-elections status here.

When is the next deadline?

  1. Monday, Februrary 8th, 2021 is the voter registration deadline for the March 9th, 2021 local elections.

Check your voter registration status here.

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Election Day/Week Victory

Join us as we celebrate Joe Biden & Kamala Harris winning the 2020 presidential election!

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